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RFID Platform Technical Certified

Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, logistics providers and retailers have been rapidly adopting RFID—not only to meet trading partner requirements, but to gain greater supply chain visibility and the control they need to increase operational efficiency, ensure compliance, increase visibility and improve customer service.

KTS Solutuions and Motorola PartnerSelect RFID Technology support include:

Solution Component

  • EPC Manager 
  • Enterprise EPC Manager
  • Intergration Manager for RFID

RFID Services

  • Implementation Service for RFID
  • RFID Product Assessment

RFID is a packaged solution that combines components with the right services, hardware and training. This comprehensive solution can include tags, readers, printers, middleware, software, services and training. So you can get everything you need—from start to finish—to ensure a successful RFID implementation and EPC compliance throughout your supply chain.

  • Improve supply chain visibility and agility for greater operational efficiency
  • Reduce inventory costs and stock-outs
  • Provide real-time information for better forecasting, demand planning
  • Increase automation production with fewer errors and faster customer service 
  • Accelerate return on investment
  • Strengthen security against product theft, loss and counterfeiting
  • Enable viewing and sharing of trading partner EPC data
  • Simplify integration regardless of RFID needs